Eat Sushi To Fix Oily Hair

If you have excessively oily hair and hoard dry shampoo like there's a clean hair-apocalypse looming, good news-it can be managed in other ways. While the reason you have the problem in the first place is mostly due to your genes, it can also be from the food you're eating.

Take hot and spicy foods fore instance. Eating them causes your body temperature to rise internally, which then gets released through the pores in the scalp. Another cause for oily hair is overconsumption of sugar and fat. "When you're eating too many saturated fats, your body will purge itself of extra oils, which can show up on your scalp," explains celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella.

How to correct it:
Cut out foods that encourage the overproduction of oil. Avoid fried foods, preservative- and sugary-heavy meals. Instead, try incorporating more raw foods and healthy oils into your diet to counteract the effects of saturated oils. Eating complex carbohydrates, olive oil, sushi, fresh fruits and vegetables. As if we needed another reason to love spicy tuna rolls and yellowtail sashimi.

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