Double-Dipping At A Waxing Salon Near You

We all might be a little squeamish when it comes time for a bikini wax, but we might be worrying about the wrong things. Turns out there is more to be wary of than the pain and nakedness of it all-like the spread of infection.

Double dipping the wax applicator can contaminate the wax, potentially leading to infection. And while it is illegal in several states, it's not always enforced. "Many aestheticians are even trained to double dip out of convenience," says New York Hair-removal expert Shobha Tummala.

"We all have a certain level of bacteria on the skin, which is usually harmless. However, there are types of bacteria (like staph) that can be dangerous if you have a weak immune system. So, if your waxer double dips, you run the risk of contracting a potential infection from the contaminated wax," explains Tummala.

How to Protect Yourself
Your aesthetician should use a clean applicator each time she dips into the wax. Heated wax makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. "Waxing tools should be taken out if a sterilized pouch and sanitized before being used again. Always make sure a new roll of paper is put on the table before you lay down too. And, whoever is doing your wax should wear gloves so there is no cross-contamination.

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  • The Science Guy
    Posted on

    We do contract research for cosmetic companies and we recently completed a study for a manufacturer of a hair removal product. In the salon and in our lab tests, the product is heated to a minimum of 74 degrees Celsius (165.2 deg.F)and at that temperature all the bacteria, yeast and mold challenge organisms are killed off in 15 - 30 seconds due to the pasteurization effect. The safety of "double dipping" would therefore depend on the temperature that the product is kept at in between clients. Customers should ask for scientific validation (i.e. studies, literature, etc.) that the product is not contaminated if they have concerns.

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    I would be interested to hear from one of the new beauty experts on this - i always thought since the wax was so hot it was a pretty safe process.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    ewww, i was an aesthetician at benefit brow bar, & we were enforced not to double dip, & its understandable, bc not all of the people you will get smell like flowers or look clean, laser hair removal does hurt, but its totally worth it, i have a few more treatments left & ill have a bald & happy body.

  • Tina
    Posted on

    This is so scary. i never thought to even ask about this - EEEEWWWW! Make she want to go get Laser Hair removal.

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