Join The Debate: Should You Stop Using Moisturizer?

As the days get colder and the weather outside gets harsher, our skin starts to retaliate. And as you might know, dry, flaking, itchy flare-ups can send us searching for the perfect moisturizer to keep our skin in tip-top shape.

But when we pointed out that moisturizers containing ingredients like mineral oil, oxybenzone and/or benzophenone could potentially contribute to aging, we asked-should you stop using moisturizers?

Here are some highlights of what you, our readers, and skincare expert Nerida Joy had to say about it:

Janice said...
"I stopped using heavy night creams and instead started using a small amount of olive oil on cleansed skin. In the morning I just mist my skin with pH-balanced acid water and drink plenty of alkaline water during the day. I'm heading into my 60's, but everyone thinks I'm closer to my late 40's.

Nerida Joy, Founder, Nerida Joy Skincare said-
"Wow, in my opinion, anyone who says that regular moisturizers wreak havoc on the skin is not someone who knows the skin. True, there are many moisturizers on the market and all have different ingredients - some stimulate cell metabolism and some simply offer surface protection. Your skin needs surface protection and hydration.

Jasmin said...
"My skin is 100% better since I stopped using moisturizer. I exfoliate with a sonic cleansing device twice daily. I use a hydrating cleanser, a 20% C serum and a mixture of 15 glycolic and 50% hyaluronic acid. Of course, I also use a daily sunscreen. VERY rarely, I use a bit of balm on my lower face is cold weather. My skin basically hydrates itself. I do still use an eye cream, though."

Nerida Joy, Founder, Nerida Joy Skincare said-
"It is great that you have worked out a personal system that works for you. That is key. If you experience dryness at any time after washing your face, it is not the right cleanser for you. It is important to keep your skin soft and supple and not upset the outer layer by drying it out with your cleanser. A dry surface is the biggest problem for oily or combination/oily skin. 99% of the time, I recommend very mild to non-foaming cleansers that do not create surface dryness and, thus, enable your skin to function correctly on all levels. If you find that your no-moisturizer regimen no longer works for you, please know that good moisturizers exist that are custom-designed for your personal skin type. If you have oily skin and live in a humid climate, you may not feel the need for a daily hydration application. But, over time, that may change."

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