The Hip(Pie) Way To Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been helping many busy women skip a day of rinse and repeats since the seventies now. But Psssssst ($6) no longer reigns queen of dirty hair, as today, with dry shampoo's ever growing popularity, major hair care lines continue to roll out their own versions.

Even natural brands, who shudder every time an aerosol can sprays, have found a way to join the suds-free revolution through the power of powder. All-natural powder that is.

Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($21) comes in five hair colors (blonde, brunette, black, red, gray to cover those roots) and is made with 100 percent natural product. With no alcohol in sight, this formula adds lift to your limp hair and won't dry it out.

Another new, natural powder to the rescue is Lush's No Drought Dry Shampoo ($13). The brand, known for their skin and hair products made out of organic produce, essential oils and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably procured, has found a way to create a lemon-grapefruit powder that absorbs the grease out of your hair when you don't have time for a proper wash.

There is now officially no reason whatsoever to feel guilty about skipping a shampoo, or three.

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