Beauty Packaging Goes Airless

The first time I came across airless packaging was with Mirai products. Rather than a "dip tube" that sucks up the product through the tube and out the pump spout, a "diaphragm" presses the product up from the bottom of the bottle and out a tiny opening.

No more unscrewing the messy lid and shaking the last drops of product onto your hand. The diaphragm delivers it up to the bottle opening, ensuring you use it all up. But in addition to reducing product waste, the airless packaging also eliminates outside elements from creeping into your lotions, cleansers, creams and more. Oxygen and environmental toxins will sour your products, but an airless bottle will protect the formula from damage, experts say. Not to mention blocking the bacteria invasion that happens every time you dip your finger into your pot of night cream.

You may find bottles with small, pumpable spouts or twist tops that dispense product. Most airless bottles dispense a particular dose of the product, so you won't use too much. As an added bonus, cosmetic manufacturers may be able to skimp on preservatives since the airless packaging allows the products to naturally last longer.

Today, the packaging is bumping prices up a bit, but that could change as consumers demand more air-free products. In the meantime, are you willing to pay a little more for airless packaging if it makes your products last longer and you use every last drop?

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