A 3-Minute Facial Helps Me Save Face

Stop me if you've heard this one: You reconnect with an old friend on Facebook and decide it's been too long, and you agree to meet for drinks. Only, the day before your get-together a giant, painful pimple appears right between your eyebrows. Sound familiar? Me, too. In fact, I'm living it right now.

I woke up yesterday with a very angry blemish and went into a panic. All day it was aggravated and it wasn't a whole lot better this morning (panic continues). So I pulled out Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone 3-Minute Facial ($50) for some emergency care.

The facial includes ginger root extract, which is believed to improve circulation and help the skin glow. Hot pepper extract works as a topical astringent (thank heavens) and zinc, magnesium and copper work to boost cellular energy and tighten the skin. In those few minutes, the silky formula dried and I could feel its firming effects at work.

By 3 p.m., just a few hours before I hit the road to see my old buddy, the blemish has reduced to a slight pink bump, easily covered with concealer and set with powder. I can just hear my friend's voice now: "Wow, you look great!" Wish me luck!

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