Tell Your Winter Eczema To Scram

As the weather has changed over the past weeks, have you noticed that patches of dry skin have flared up here and there? If you suffer from occasional eczema, you may notice even more of the flaky, itchy spots as we head into the stressful holiday season where we imbibe in sugary goodies and perhaps a cocktail or two. Did you know that all of these things-dry winter air, stress, sugary foods and alcohol-play a role in aggravating eczema?

You can ease eczema symptoms by cutting back on alcohol, using a humidifier indoors, relaxing when you can, stopping at just one slice of pumpkin pie and staying hydrated inside and out. That's where a product like Trinity of Youth's BrilliantFx Body Serum ($40) can help. It contains arnica montana, a flowering plant that has been used for years to inhibit inflammation like eczema. It also includes lactic acid, an alphahydroxy acid, to boost cell turnover (so important for flared-up skin) and add moisture. So yes, it's true: You can enjoy an itch-free winter and even improve the tone of your skin.

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