Oh, Baby. Your Little One Needs Spf

You watch everything they do: "Don't talk to strangers." "Take your finger out of your nose." "Don't you dare eat that." So logic would follow that you'd care what products are going on your kids' skin.

Beverly Hills, CA, pediatric dermatologist Dr. Robin Schaffran and creator of Dr. Robins for Kids followed that exact reasoning when creating her line of skin care products formulated especially for your children.

"Children's skin is naturally a little more delicate and sensitive than adult's skin. When you buy 'children's products' the assumption is that these types of products are formulated with that in mind, but unfortunately, many children's products have lots of ingredients that can be irritating" says Dr. Schaffran. Parents should know what ingredients to avoid like "fragrances, irritating extracts or preservatives," says the doctor.

The lineup includes: A new Soothing Body Wash & Shampoo ($12), Soothing Daily Moisture Cream ($12), and her All Natural Chemical-Free Sunscreen ($24), which she says is extremely important.

"The majority of sun damage occurs before the age of 18, so protecting children's skin at a young age is paramount to preventing skin cancer later on in life. If you start the habit of applying sunscreen early on in life, it gets them used to applying it, and becomes less of a chore," says Dr. Schaffran.

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