It's America Recycles Day—Don't Forget Your Beauty Products Too

I'm guilty. Not only do I hold on to boat loads of beauty products (sometimes past their effective prime), I also don't recycle my used cosmetic bottles and containers. Why? Well, because until now, I couldn't. This means that when I finally do decide to let go of the lotion that reminds me of our summer vacation circa '08, the cracked eye shadow constantly spilling in my makeup bag, and the shampoo I hate because it smells like salad dressing (yuck)—those containers, bottles and jars won't end up in landfills. Si since I recycle cans of Coke Zero, it's time I start disposing of my beauty products properly too. To bring awareness to this issue on America Recycles Day, Garnier (yup, the beauty brand) and upcycling/recycling pioneer TerraCycle are sponsoring the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade. All your hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging, regardless of brand, can be collected and sent to TerraCycle, free of charge. The company specializes in recycling difficult-to-recycle materials, so you can rest assured that they will be made into brand new products. And bonus, for every piece of waste that TerraCycle receives from you, you are awarded two points. Those can be applied to a charity gift on the TerraCycle website or redeemed for $.02 for the charity of your choice.