A Face Cream As Good As Gold, Literally

We know gold is the ideal accessory in the form of jewelry. We've also dabbled a bit in the edible version like gold-foiled ice cream, gold-covered chocolate and, well, maybe we've even tried the gold-infused libation Goldshlager (although that was years ago).

Over the past several years, gold flakes, powders and particles have begun to show up in beauty products, with promising effects on collagen and hyaluronic acid production. One such product is Vie Collection's Firming Boosting Cream Gold-Peptide SYSTEM ($244).

The light yet decadent cream bonds bio-assimilable spherical gold particles with peptides, which the company says triggers major collagen production, supporting the foundation of the skin and keeping it from sagging, as often happens with age. The formula also includes vectorized hyaluronic acid that stimulates the skin's natural hyaluronic acid, delivering intense hydration.

I was fortunate enough to sample Vie's golden creation, and it's a truly lovely cream that glides on luxuriously. I have noticed an overall lift in my facial skin. Have you tried any gold-infused beauty products? Have they worked for you over time?

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