Peptide Product Really Peps Up Skin

When we are young and our faces have not been overly subjected to the harsh rays of the sun, years of environmental pollution and the ravages of acne and age, our skin is smooth and evenly toned. But of course, we go through life and our complexion pays the price-usually in the form of age spots, acne scars and a loss of our youthful glow.

Many ingredients are employed prevent this overall “blah” on our skin. One of the most effective is peptides. In the 1990s, scientists harnessed the power of these tiny amino-acid bonds in the lab, to include them in products that, when applied to the skin, send messages to damaged or weakened skin and help repair cells and boost the production of collagen. One formula effectively delivering all that peptide goodness is HydroPeptide, a line of anti-aging skin-care products.

Even Out Brightening Pigment Corrector specifically tackles age spots and sun damage with some serious peptide action that not only repairs hyperpigmentation, but also prevents it by shielding against further sun damage. It also employs licorice, a natural skin lightener, and green tea, resveratrol and lavender for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Allantoin soothes the skin and panthenol (vitamin B5) adds hydration and boosts acne healing.

According to the company, 100 percent of users saw some lightening in the tone of their skin after 60 days. After just a week, I noticed my skin was more evenly toned and definitely lighter, overall. My only gripe is that the smell is a bit strong at first, but it quickly evaporates as the formula soaks into the skin.

  • Neysa Diaz
    Posted on

    My brother purchased Even Out for me. He knew how unconfortable I have been with the spots that kept appearing on my face. After i had my son many years ago it seemed to have been getting much worst. I have been using Even Out for over 2 months now, and I can see a drastic difference in face. It feels great not having to use so much cover up. PS. I decided to pick up there serum & power lift moisturizer to tackle the wrinkles, and i just cannot say enough about it. My skin has not looked young and healthy in many, many years. Neysa Diaz

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    I love hydropeptide's serum. I'm so excited to try their even out to. this sounds perfect.

  • Jen
    Posted on

    What about those brown spots on the backs of our hands? Will this work for that? I have been looking for something that will erase those "age spots".

  • Kristina V
    Posted on

    This sounds amazing!!! I'm going to get it. I've been hearing a lot about peptides, but I didn't know that peptides helped with sun spots!!

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