A Luxurious Dry-Scalp Solution

Dry strands are a common conversation topic in the world of hair. But, a dry scalp (and the itchiness and flakiness that comes along with it) is a lesser-discussed dilemma, something that sufferers hope they can find a solution for by swapping out their normal shampoo-or hide until it takes care of itself. But, as anyone affected by the ailment knows-it's not always that easy. Dry scalp shampoos can be harsh, and even when they work to tackle the problem at-hand, they often cause new ones-less-than-soft strands, frizzy styles, color-stripping-in the process.

That's why we're loving Rene Furterer's Karite line, a double-duty solution for both dry strands and a dry scalp that utilizes the restorative power of shea butter and a blend of proprietary active ingredients. There's a shampoo and mask that work miracles at nourishing and conditioning the hair, but the superluxurious Intense Nourishing Oil is, in a word, indulgent. You spray the pre-shampoo treatment (don't worry, the extra step is worth it) five to 10 minutes before you shampoo. It's lightweight and doesn't weigh hair down-and the scent, an aromatherapeutic blend of citrus notes, patchouli and musk, is divine. It leaves hair soft, smooth and hydrated post-shower and is powerful enough to keep working and improving the condition of your scalp long after your hair has dried.