Get A Summer Glow This Winter

Beach season has come and gone but that doesn't mean you can't still sport a healthy glow. Listen up ladies, cancer-causing tanning bed are not the answer. Self-tanner is. It's no secret that everyone looks better (even slimmer) with a tan. So take our tips for achieving a healthy, natural looking glow without the harmful rays.

Before you start:
· Apply the product to freshly exfoliated and well-moisturized skin (but don't use moisturizer directly before tanner if the skin is too slick, the tanner may not absorb properly) to prevent streaking.
· Put on one layer at a time. Start off gradually and build the color with additional layers, applying it evenly across the entire face and body.

For the best results:
· If your skin appears streaky and stripy, use wipe-on tan towelettes. They add more color, correct any unevenness and give a more precise application.
· Use a dry cloth and a small amount of exfoliator to correct the area.
· Try a tan remover to get rid of unwanted stains and colored palms.

Here is one of our favorite products. Do you have any favorites?