Tom Ford Beauty Debuts

Is there anything Tom Ford can't do? This dashing Renaissance man has revitalized the Gucci brand as creative director, directed the Oscar-nominated film A Single Man, took a turn as guest editor of Vanity Fair, created a wildly successful line of sunglasses, developed fragrances and won numerous awards including being honored as one of GQ's Men of the Year. So what's left?

The world of beauty. And we can think of no better place where Tom Ford belongs. The new line of skin treatments, cosmetics and makeup brushes is luxurious, includes bold colors for eyes, cheeks, nails and lips along with highlighters, foundation, powders and more. I'm especially intrigued by the Eye Color Quad, Burnished Amber, with its rich, warm shades that are just right for fall, and the ultra-lush Lip Color, Black Orchid-a color seen on many recent runways.

You can order it early through Neiman Marcus who is offering it exclusively until Nov. 1, when it will also be available at Bergdorf Goodman.

  • Anna Pappas
    Posted on

    I think without trying these products it's hard to say if the price point is fair. I have worked many years in the luxury cosmetics field and depending on quality of ingredients what doctors and or pyto chemists ect were involve it is unfair to pre-judge based on price. It may well be the research and development were quite costly. Also it's cutting edge color. It may not be for everyone but certainly it will have it's market. I can't wait to know more about it and try it. The company I have been with the past ten years is currently charging $ 55.00 for lipstick lipliner and eye pencils. It has been in this economy having 35 to 40 thousand dollor increases every year for four years in a suburban department store not in the city. There is something for everyone.

  • Cathy
    Posted on

    I very much doubt ANY lipstick is worth $48! Who does Tom Ford think he is fooling? MAC makes fine lipstick at $15 a tube, in a wide array of colors. What makes Ford think he has something special there? I believe he was with Lauder also, making over the top junk. Does he have another house he wants us all to buy for him?

  • Steven
    Posted on

    "Its unrealistic for everyone except the top 1%, so how popular is the line going to be really?!" --- I agree with this comment. His market will be that nitch. Always was, always will be. And if it is good(i am trying to think of what he has ever done that wasnt)people will buy it, even if it is just the 1 percentiles. Ah Couture... Everyone wants it, everyone cant have it. Welcome to the human race!

  • Toni
    Posted on

    I agree. Sometimes, I believe women buy things they see in mags or on these sites to test. When the items are over a price range, it gets little annoying. I love to buy lipsticks, but I also draw the line as to how much I spend. I just bought a beautiful red from YSL, and it was 35 or 36 dollars. That's something that is always doable. Get with it Tom.

  • hollye
    Posted on

    I would LOVE to be excited about this new makeup line debut, but as the previous commentor said, the cosmetics are EXTREMELY overpriced! $78 for foundation, I could see that but $48 for LIPSTICK?! I just cannot possibly imagine who or what went through his mind when he chose the price points for his collection! Its unrealistic for everyone except the top 1%, so how popular is the line going to be really?!.. Utterly disappoiting and a bad business move in my opinion to debut an extremely overpriced cosmetics and skincare line during a recession when the whole country and practically globe is watching their pennies!!

  • Angelcat47
    Posted on

    These cosmetics and skincare lines are also beyond expensive....even beyond the prices of Chanel,Dior,etc.Also,although I feel a clothing designer's work can translate to the world of cosmetics,I do not feel this way about skincare.His friends may buy it out of allegiance to him,but I am looking for top quality ingredients at a moderate pricepoint.I may splurge on a lipstick or polish,but not designer skincare!

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