What’S Your Biggest Turnoff?

When we think about our dream-man George Clooney, we imagine him smelling outdoor-fresh, reminiscent of the breeze near his Italian home. According to a new poll, scent has a bigger effect on our physical attraction than one might expect. But let's be real, with his good looks, we'd take Mr. Clooney, with or without the Lake Como-esque scent.

Nearly half of all people (47 percent) consider body odor to be the No. 1 physical turnoff, with bad breath taking the number two spot, according to a new poll. But besides for “trying to hard” the eighth biggest turn-off, the rest of the offenders are purely physical. Nasal hair, monobrows, dirty hair, visible underwear, bitten nails and dirty ears all make the top 10.

So if you're planning on impressing the George Clooney in your life, we suggest SmartMouth for keeping your breath fresh and Oribe Hair Care's Ultra Rich Shampoo for squeaky-clean strands. Oh, and don't forget to clean your ears.