Natural Ingredients Power Up This Gentle Cleanser

I've tried several anti-aging facial cleansers, so when I came across Mirai Clinical Formula Age-Defying Purifying Body Wash, I had to give it a try. Plus, I was intrigued by the addition of persimmon extract, which was included for its ability to eliminate all body odors that occur related to aging and hormonal changes. Who knew?

The formula is very concentrated, so I only needed to use a little bit. And while I'm used to a rich lather with my body washes, this formula is free of synthetic detergents and foaming agents, so it doesn't get very bubbly. However, green tea and coconut oils go to work to detoxify pores and leave skin feeling freshly clean without any signs of dryness. The scent, a light grapefruit fragrance, is definitely a highlight.