A 5-Minute Spa Treatment In A Jar

Think about your last facial. Remember how soft and dewy your skin looked afterwards? If only you could recreate that healthy complexion in minutes, from the comfort of your own home-Well, I'm happy to report that I did-and so can you! My skin has a post-facial glow and it took no longer than the amount of time I normally spend washing and toning my face.

The skin-saving secret lies in a tiny jar I snuck into the bath with me. There's no chemical complexes or indefinable ingredients in The Exfoliant from Jeffery James Botanicals, just natural berries and other herbs and oils that help uncover beautiful skin, no matter your skin type.

I'm hesitant to call The Exfoliant a scrub because while it does exfoliate (gently, I might add), removing dead skin, it's also a mask. After scrubbing it into your neck and face, let it sit for up to five minutes to fully reap the benefits. Once you rinse it off, you'll understand what I mean.