The Straight Scoop On Sleek Hair

Although my first born is almost 12, one of the aftereffects of pregnancy still lingers: my unruly, kinky hair. Not pretty spirals or beachy, bouncy waves. Nothing like that. In fact, if I don't go through the routine of volumizing mousse, hair-dry lotion, frizz serum, hot iron spray, followed by a half hour of blow drying and straightening, my pre-teen won't even hesitate to say, “Mom, your hair is a mess.”

And while the final product may look sleek and shiny, I know I've done a lot of damage between all the products and hot styling tools. If I could pare down this routine-even just a little-it would be a win. Enter Bumble and bumble's newly released Straight Line. I've had the chance to try Bb.Straight Shampoo for a few days. It's the line's first sulfate-free cleanser and promises to reduce frizz and flyaways with a patent-pending Concen-straight Technology, which combines a blend of pearl, tourmaline, Brazilian green malachite and sapphire powder. Sounds complicated, but in truth, this lightly scented shampoo actually streamlined my morning. After about three uses I noticed that after my blow dry, my hair was already smoother and sleeker. I usually have to follow that with a long session with the flat iron, but the time invested there was cut in half. Plus, my newly polished hair stayed smooth the entire day. How refreshing to find a product that actually delivers on its promise! I look forward to trying the rest of the line, which includes a conditioner and a blow-dry balm.