A Stylish Way To Prevent Aging Eyes

One of the easiest ways to slow down the rate at which your eyes age is by regularly wearing a pair of sunglasses that offer the appropriate UV protection. Plus, they work double-duty to conceal the healing phase of any recent surgeries. But what should you look for when purchasing a new set of shades?

Dark lenses. A pair of big, dark sunglasses covers the entire eye, as well as the surrounding areas, helping to shield the delicate skin from the sun.

Bigger is better. The more of the eye that's safeguarded from the sun, the less likely you are to squint. Less squinting means fewer crow's-feet.

Gradient lenses. The benefit of wearing gradient lenses, is that they help to block out glare so you're less inclined to squint.

Wraparound frames. Arms that extend out, and are high, provide the area prone to crow's feet with ample protection, further helping to prevent collagen breakdown.