A Bar That Makes You Baby Soft

Cold cream is an ancient concoction-the first variety (made of an emulsion of beeswax, oil, rose petals and water) dates back all the way to second century Greece. Avene's nourishing and protective cold cream formula has been incorporated into an entire range of products from hand to lip cream.

It's the Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Soap-Free Cleansing Bar that's a coveted NewBeauty favorite. This creamy and gentle bar leaves skin soft and moisturized and is recommended for use by anyone-even infants. It's both non-comedogenic (can we describe this term in parentheses) and hypoallergic so even the most sensitive skin types can experience its gentle cleansing power. The non-stripping formula helps to maintain a balance of the skin's natural pH and because it's free of soap and lanolin, skin stays soft and smooth.