Yes, You Can Get Natural Highlights Like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is the epitome of a blonde bombshell. As many of us know, maintaining blonde hair can be tricky and having it look natural is even trickier. Highlights that aren’t stripey is key, Cameron’s colorist tells us. Cameron’s colorist, Redken Creative Consultant for Color, Tracey Cunningham, achieves her beachy blond look with highlights and touches them up every month or so. “She is a natural blonde, so she has a beautiful base to start with.” When doing highlights like hers, Cunningham says it is important to keep them natural looking and not stripey. “It should appear as if there was no work done at all,” she says, adding that the actress’ sun-kissed skin and piercing blue eyes allow her to transition from dark to light hair easily without getting washed out.