Don’t Let Smoking Stop You From Smiling

There's no need to mention the negative impact of smoking on one's health. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry wants smokers (who are hopefully trying to nix the habit) to know that there are options available to help improve their smiles. In addition to serious oral health concerns, smoking can cause less serious side effects like yellow teeth and bad breath. The AACD dentists offer these tips for patients who want to improve their smiles and kissability factor:

1. Use an electric toothbrush for optimal daily cleaning; especially after smoking.
2. Floss daily.
3. Schedule an appointment every six months to have teeth cleaned and tar removed. Patients will have a better whitening result and fresher breath once bacteria in between and on the surfaces of the teeth are eliminated.
4. Consider an easy cosmetic procedure to immediately enhance teeth, such as in-office power whitening.