Secret Ingredients Repair Damaged Hair

Irons, blow dryers, and color treatments are staples in most women's beauty routines. But their long-term effects are not as glamorous as their instantaneous results. Ultimately, they damage the cell structure of the hair and contribute to its aging. Since we know that's not crossing your mind after a great blow-out, we're really excited about this new release.

Hairstylist Kevin Murphy has a new solution for permanently damaged strands, and has compiled ingredients (like immortelle) in Young Again to counteract long-term damage and infuse hair with nutrients and antioxidants. The result is healthy hair that's soft to the touch.

“Young Again is a very sophisticated product, thanks to its powerful natural ingredients,” says Kevin Murphy, stylist and founder of Kevin Murphy. “Immortelle dates back to Greek mythology, known for its medicinal and anti-aging properties. Commonly found in skincare and cosmetics, this ingredient lends its anti-aging benefits to hair as well, fighting free radicals to stop the oxidizing, or aging process.” We love it because of how much we love our hair irons.