A Coffee Break For Your Body

Years ago I was a barista and learned how to brew coffee that engulfs the senses. The smell, the taste, the nuances-I love all of it. So when I heard about b3 Barista Bath and Body skin- and hair-care products, you can imagine my excitement.

Made with brewed coffee, ground coffee, coffee seed oil, essential oils and natural ingredients, this line perks up the skin, hair and senses. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, which we know are good at repairing skin damage from sun and other environmental factors. Second, the coffee used in these products mimics the pH level of the skin and hair for a gentler clean that doesn't rough up hair cuticles or strip away the skin's natural moisture. Finally, caffeine, when applied topically, has been shown to do everything from reduce the appearance of cellulite to aid in reduction of hair loss.

One thing I really like is that it's a line you can share with your man. There was a time when my husband didn't drink coffee. (Imagine a Cuban who doesn't drink coffee.) With the right brews, however, he was transformed into a coffee lover. And with a new line of b3 shave products, he can indulge even if I'm not around to make the coffee. Finally we can commit to one line of products we can both enjoy and free up some space in the shower caddy.