Natural Relief For Overloaded Hair

If you feel like your hair might need a break from products and treatments, read on. Vince Smith, owner of downtown Manhattan's The Vince Hair Experience has some at-home, natural tips to revive your strands.

• Apple cider vinegar works as a great rinse for the hair, especially after at-home color. It closes the cuticle and returns the hair to its natural acid-balanced pH level making the hair shiny.

• Lemon juice really does bleach the hair. For example, apply pure lemon juice to your hair in the front to create soft natural highlights around the face. It takes repeated applications to see results, so do it every day for a few weeks. Be aware that the sun will enhance the process. Also note that your hair now behaves like “chemically treated” hair. So be careful with any other chemical service and tell you hairstylist what you've done so they can also protect your hair from any unwanted results from color or perming.

• Chamomile tea also works as a lightener for hair similar to how lemon juice works.

• Natural pure orange oil is great for removing residual chemical odor from the hair whether from perms, relaxers or corrective color services. It's also healthy for the scalp.

Try Vince's recipe for a natural conditioning treatment:

Mix together 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1 mashed avocado and ¼ cup olive oil. Apply to shampooed, damp hair. Leave for one hour. Shampoo lightly afterwards and condition as normal. This is great for coarse, dry or overly curly hair. The oil coats the hair and scalp making the hair look shinier while calming overly curly hair and controlling frizz.