Which Comes First: The Foundation Or The Concealer?

How much coverage you need determines whether you should apply concealer under or over your other makeup.

Concealer before foundation. When heavier coverage is needed, concealer is should be the first layer of makeup. “I like to use concealer first so I can assess how much foundation is needed, but there are definitely cases when I do the reverse,” says Raychel Wade, founder of Cheek to Chic Cosmetic Consulting. Putting concealer on first helps blend away any demarcation lines, but you may need to layer concealer and foundation to get the coverage you need.

Foundation before concealer. “When concealer is used after foundation, it's usually to enhance the coverage of the foundation because the imperfection is minor,” says Jessie Powers, national educator for Make Up For Ever. You should always apply a thin layer of foundation as opposed to a thick one.

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