Just Married! (And Likely To Pack On Pounds)

Kim Kardashian tied the knot this weekend, outfitted in Vera Wang and in tip-top shape. But will marriage be a good look for the 30-year-old bride? If recent research is any indicator, we should expect to see the newlywed beauty packing on the pounds.

A new study examined the effects of weight gain in the two years following a marriage or divorce among 10,000 people in the United States. Findings showed that those people were likely to have weight gain in the two years following their marital transition.

Additionally, people over the age of 30 were most likely to gain weight after marriage or a divorce, according to the study. But results varied for men and women with men generally facing post-divorce weight gain and women most often putting on the pounds post-marriage. We'll have to keep a close eye on Kim the next two years.

  • Ilyssa
    Posted on

    Kim won't really have to worry but the study is interesting none the less.

  • N
    Posted on

    I got married at 27 and now I'm approaching 30. I have 2 kids and I've returned to pre-baby/pre-marriage weight, however I'm not as toned and I look tired. My husband on the other hand gained 30lbs and has been struggling to lose it. But I can see how easy it would be to pack on the pounds and get comfortable, as a woman and as a mom. Considering how high profile Mrs. Humphries is and how important her body is to her image I'm sure her waistline is safe. Now for the rest of us we have to struggle to make the time for ourselves.

  • Posted on

    Of course I have heard of weight gain for those in long term relationships. Still, this strikes me as mean- spirited. I am sure all the people who make their living as trainers, make up artists and cosmetic professionals will do their part to keep her employed & happily married.

  • G
    Posted on

    Most other couples I know that got married around the same time that I did or later have put on a noticeable amount of weight, both men as much as women. I live a moderately active lifestyle and since I got married almost 2 years ago, I've lost 10-15 lbs. My husband has maintained his weight. There is no need for anyone to fall into this pattern.

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