A Sweet-Smelling Skin Softener

Every so often I find a beauty product that literally smells good enough to eat. However, those products don't always smell good enough to use. I've seen perfume that smells like BBQ and bacon-scented everything but have had no desire to even sample them. But my latest beauty obsession smells like creamy vanilla-frosted cupcakes, and I want to use it every single day.

To be honest, it was the scent of Farmhouse Fresh's Backcountry Caramel Body Milk that first got my attention. While the vanilla frosting comparison may seem a bit too sweet to some, I assure you, in this lotion, it works. The delicate lotion quickly absorbs into the skin leaving only a faint vanilla-ish scent that leans more to the spicy side than sweet. It's subtle enough that its buttery caramel notes won't hinder the fragrance of your favorite perfume.

This 97.5 percent natural body lotion contains a supple blend of rice bran, evening primrose, coconut, soybean and sunflower seed oils. These oils offer skin-softening and soothing power to even the driest skin while also improving the skin's elasticity. The addition of vitamin E and aloe help calm skin irritations and sunburns. You will love the way it melts into your skin, elevating its hydration. And the smell-it's divine.