A Soap That Raises The Bar

The last time I used a bar of soap I was probably in a hotel. There's nothing wrong with soap in bar form, many NewBeauty staffers prefer it, but I've been on a body wash/loofah kick since childhood, with no regrets. That is, until now.

Level Naturals has reintroduced me to the bar of soap. The recycled paper packaging is designed to look like wood and is a perfect outfit for the rustic-looking soap-a must for any Anthropologie-esque bathroom. So based on how these bars would look on my bathroom shelf, I gave them a shot.

The Level Soap Bar comes in more than a dozen different scents, each a different color with specific benefits. The green Lemon Verbena bar for instance, lowers stress levels, strengthens the nervous system and smells lemony fresh. While it fills the shower with an amazing and invigorating scent, the soap itself is not to be overlooked. Made with a special combination of oils and extracts, these 100-percent vegan, good-for-you soaps will transform the way you lather. Yes, even you loofah lovers. To truly elevate your bathing experience, check out Level's Bath Bombs and Shower Bombs (that's right, there's a shower version) for a complete at-home spa experience.