High-Tech Skin Trend Hits Home

I've pronounced my love for my electric toothbrush several times on DailyBeauty. But other than my toothbrush and some hair tools, I'd say my beauty routine is fairly manual. I don't think I'm taking care of my skin any differently than my grandmother did when she was my age. But at-home, power-operated, skin care devices are quickly gaining popularity.

At-home, skin care devices are designed to cleanse, eliminate acne or fight the signs of aging. A new report from Kline & Company, a worldwide consulting and research firm, estimates the market for these devices (at the retail level) for 2011 is close to $1 billion and will grow exponentially within the next five years. Clarisonic is currently leading the large sonic cleansing product market and acne and anti-aging device markets are quickly catching up.

Apparently, these devices allow consumers to avoid regular trips to the doctor for pricey in-office procedures. So although they can be costly (they certainly cost more than a serum), the upfront investment costs less in the long run than routine aesthetic treatments.

What are your experiences? Any favorite devices that you can't live without?