An Easy Gauge For Healthy Skin

Healthy skin not only looks and feels beautiful, it also heals quickly, is flexible to the touch, has small pores, appears dewy and isn't in need of constant exfoliation. Healthy skin is even in color, free of breakouts and dryness, and has a smooth, cushiony texture.

Gauging how long it takes for your skin to heal from a breakout can be an indicator of the state of its health. “If within four days after a breakout, the skin is clear and there's little or no discoloration, then the skin is pretty healthy,” says celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy. “Depending on the skin color, if it takes longer for the blemish to subside and there's dark pigmentation in the surrounding area, then your skin may not be in the best state,” says Joy.

So what's the verdict on your skin?