Yes, You Can Grow Longer Locks

You can grow extra-long locks if you make your hair's general health priority number one. Proper nutrition, regular hydration and bimonthly trims are essential. Most of us believe that, as we get older, our hair is not capable of growing past a certain point. But, if you implement the proper plan of attack, you can attain long hair. Try these three tips:

Get it in good shape. “If you start off with damaged hair, it will never grow long because it will constantly break,” says celebrity hairstylist Riccardo Maggiore. You may need to cut off a few inches to get rid of any damage and start with a clean slate.

Trim often. According to celebrity hairstylist Francky L'Official, hair should be trimmed at least one-half inch every two months. “Try having it cut on a day when there's a full moon, a French tradition that's believed to strengthen the hair and make it fuller,” he says.

Deep condition regularly. The longer your hair is, the weaker the ends are, which is why L'Official recommends applying a treatment mask at least once a week and activating it with heat or wearing cellophane over the mask while you sleep. The more moisture added to the hair, the fuller and healthier each strand looks.