Create The Perfect Canvas For Makeup

We love Mally Beauty because, through her exclusive cosmetic's line makeup artist Mally Roncal makes Hollywood glamour available to all women.

In two easy steps, Mally's Undermakeup Perfector Duo creates a red-carpet radiant glow, preparing skin for makeup. Two pens are included. The first, the corrector pen, eliminates dark areas. The second, a highlighter pen, works to illuminate key areas of the face. The result of both pens is a smooth base that won't appear flat (like that of a foundation-only base). The Undermakeup Perfector Duo comes in two shades. Peach Light matches fair to medium skin tones and Peach Deep blends best with darker skin tones.

Mally's Inside Guide to Application:
• Start the following process with moisturized and primed skin:
• Step 1: Swipe the Corrector pen (the white one) across three areas of your face: underneath the eyes, on either side of the nose and on either side of the mouth.
• Step 2: Gently pat with the tip of the ring finger.
• Step 3: Apply the Highlighter pen (the pink one) in a few simple strokes: across the brow bone, along the cheekbones and cupid's bow, down the center of the nose and on the tip of the chin.
• Finish with your everyday routine, including concealer and foundation.