Unleash Your Lashes

We are testing out eyelash growth products all the time. But unfortunately, many just don't make the cut. No matter what it is, if it's going to go anywhere close to our eyes, we need to know it's safe. On the other hand, we also want amazing lashes. Problem solved.

Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel is a 97 percent natural eyelash-boosting formula that has been ophthalmologist tested. This gentle eyelash conditioner promotes longer, thicker lashes while nourishing them with essential proteins and vitamins-adding moisture and shine, while improving elasticity. Plus, it can also be used on your eyebrows.

Apply the formula with one light stroke across the base of your eyelashes. Make sure your contacts are out and eyes are clean of makeup and residue from any product. I apply at night after washing my face, but it's safe to use twice daily. Expect to see results in just a few weeks; you'll love your healthier, stronger, sexier lashes.