Cuticle Care That Cures Every Condition

Looking for a lip product that does more? Look no further. The ingenious Murad Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care relieves chapped lips with conditioning vitamin E (it can even be applied to minor skin irritations and dry patches), but it's the product's packaging-a sleek, push-up pen with a rubber-like cuticle pusher present on the outside-that catapults it from average to outstanding while taking it from simple skin-care to a “how-did-I-ever-live-without-this?” purse staple.

Fly often? “Recycled air circulating around planes can wreak havoc on a complexion and cause skin to lose moisture very quickly,” says El Segundo, CA, dermatologist Howard Murad, MD. Applying the Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care to your lips, cuticles and dry spots (such as your elbows) every hour will help condition and revitalize dry skin during your flight.