Smoothie Saga

Especially over the summer, fruit smoothies are a great snack or on-the-go meal to help beat the heat. But remember, just because they're made with fruit, doesn't mean they are necessarily a healthy snack. Beware smoothie buyers: some of your favorite smoothies may be loaded with as many calories as a fast-food meal. Some smoothie shops add in “flavor crystals” and sweeteners that can weigh a drink down from summertime snack to liquid meal.

Jamba Juice has become my smoothie destination of choice because it serves more than 22 beverages that contain less than 250 calories. I know exactly what's in them (fruits and veggies-I skip the dairy) and can rest assured that I'm making a healthy choice. Not only do they taste great but with added nutritional benefits like vitamins and probiotics, they are really hard to resist.

Want to be sure your smoothie's not as calorie-dense as a cheeseburger and fries? Click for the list of 22 Jamba Juice drinks under 250 calories, in the 16 ounce size.