High-Tech Hairbrush Debuts Stateside

Marcia Brady would have loved this one. The Braun Satin Hair brush is a huge hit in Europe (it won product of the year in Germany and the Netherlands in 2010) and is debuting in the States this morning on QVC. This battery-powered hairbrush fights frizz and removes static, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

Why the batteries? The brush's active ion jet releases millions of active ions. Instantly taming frizz and flyaways, these ions act similarly to a conditioner. The combination of the active ion jet with Braun's Seamless Bristle Technology (the answer to gentle, anti-damaging brushing) sets this hairbrush apart from your plain old paddle brush. It's perfect for travelling and even small enough to carry in your purse at all times for quick touch-ups. The travel lock ensures that it remains off in your bag. Another feature we love: the removable cushion pad that allows for easy cleaning. I'm excited to try it. After all, I swear by my electric toothbrush.