Leave The Picking For The Pros

There's nothing worse than a breakout. Even after a blemish heals, it can still leave remnants behind. Red pigmentation from acne, which is the result of inflammation or vascular damage, is quite common. Not all, but some, pimples leave behind discoloration and/or scars. The reason: internal inflammation. “When a pimple is present and it has sufficient amounts of bacteria in and around the follicle, the body tries to attack and fight off the bacteria by initiating an inflammatory response,” says Miami dermatologist Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona. But the more inflammation that's needed to bring down the blemish, the more likely it is to scar.

While some people experience acne scars that are deep indentations (these can only be fixed with lasers, collagen-stimulating fillers or excision), others experience red or brown discoloration (brown discoloration is due to sun exposure) that can linger for upwards of a year. Skin that has become discolored from acne will eventually even itself out as the skin naturally sheds, but don't expect this process to be quick. The best way to avoid scarring is to avoid picking a blemish; leave extractions to the professionals.