A Luxurious Lather

I rinse and repeat. While I have friends who are convinced these directions are a conspiracy to sell more bottles, I feel the extra wash is necessary for clean hair. I take shampooing very seriously and am naturally skeptical of formulas marketed for “all hair types” because there is nothing universal about my uncontrollable hair.

That being said, I recently tried Oribe Hair Care's Ultra Rich Shampoo and was pleasantly surprised. Although it's developed for all hair types, it was still effective on my hard-to-define strands. Without harsh chemicals, the Ultra Rich Shampoo cleans and moisturizes hair without weighing it down. It's also safe for color and keratin treated hair, featuring a multi-layered UV protection system that protects locks and strengthens hair while fighting sun damage.

The smell is fresh, a bit floral and a bit fruity, kind of exactly what you would want your hair to smell like. It left my hair soft and added texture and shine that I don't usually receive from other shampoos. And I didn't even have to rinse and repeat.