Pout Of This World

We have beauty regimens for almost every part of our body from our face to our feet. But not our lips-until now. Bliss has just introduced a beauty regimen especially for your lips. The new Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit helps you clean, exfoliate, plump and soften your lips for a perfect pout.

It's like a facial for your lips. Really! This kit is the do-it-yourself, at-home version of Bliss's Fabulips Treatment, one of their most popular facial add-ons. The kit even includes a lip cleanser to cleanse lips and lift away impurities. But our favorite part is the Sugar Lip Scrub. This sweet and gentle scrub exfoliates your lips, removing all that yucky dead, flakey skin we all hate. Between the cleanser, the scrub, the plumper and the balm-using the Fabulips Treatment Kit will take your smooches to a new level.