Stress-Busting Skin Care

We spend so much time devoted to our beauty routine, wouldn't it be nice to find something to do some of the work for us? Well, you can let LP Skin Therapy Overnight Replenish Cream work on nourishing and replenishing your skin-restoring what the hectic day has taken out and fighting the effects of aging-while you get some much needed sleep. Even better, the calming formula helps the skin relax so you can get an even more rejuvenating rest.

Loaded with vitamins F, A, C and E, as well as grape seed and jojoba oil, shea nut butter and other key ingredients, the cream is the perfect anecdote to the hectic day-to-day that most of us endure. Developed by Dr. Linda Papadopoulus, the entire LP Skin Therapy line is based on the philosophy that a healthy mind means healthy skin. Each formula contains Nootropic Cognitive Enhancers, which are naturally derived nutrients selected for their ability to hinder the effects of stress.