Shiny Strands Without The Stickiness

As much as I covet the look of shiny, flawless hair-the kind typically found on fashion runways and at red carpet events-I also detest the feel of weighted hair, burdened with buildup and product residue. If only I could find something that gave me the polished look I want without the plasticity and stickiness left behind by so many hair products. Oh wait, I did! Redken's new shine flash 02 glistening mist is the final touch that my hair has been waiting for.

What sets shine flash 02 apart? For starters, the ultrafine-mist aerosol spray is easy to apply and so lightweight, it's nearly impossible to overuse. You can work it through your hair with your hands or just spray it on directly to tame flyaways and give your locks a smooth finish. The formula also contains Redken's Shine-On Complex, which combines Camelina oil and vitamin B5 for brilliant shine and all-day nourishment.