A Purifying And Portable Secret Weapon

As much as we love summer, it can get hot and sweaty-and sometimes smelly. Anyone who's ridden the New York subway in June knows all about that. So for everyone on the go this summer who wants to be sure they aren't emitting any offensive odor, this product is an absolute must.

Mirai's Purifying Body Spritzer is a portable spritzer that has a light, barely-there grapefruit scent. (You won't have the whole subway train looking around, trying to determine where that obnoxious smell is coming from.) But don't confuse this spray with any travel-sized perfume or body splash. Designed by anti-aging specialists, a spritz of this formula is proven to eliminate troublesome hormonal body odors instantly and even keep you dry by providing deodorant protection. It offers a spray of confidence wherever and whenever you need it.