Strengthen Lashes Safely

Like many of you, I wouldn't mind thicker, longer eyelashes. But I'm not about to apply just anything on or around my eyes to get them.

Le Métier de Beauté's Peau Vierge lash growth serum, unlike some other lash growing products, contains 100 percent FDA-approved ingredients that I actually recognize like aloe (to stimulate new hair growth) and vitamin E (to hydrate and heal lashes). No harsh chemicals, staining or side effects-just fuller more robust lashes in about four weeks time.

How does it work? Vitamins, proteins and peptides stimulate the roots of the lashes to condition and strengthen while promoting and restoring follicle health. With continued use, the lash root begins to grow longer, stronger, thicker lashes naturally. It's even safe for contact lens wearers. Apply once a day-and add some to your brows too for some extra fullness.