Beauty Blogger Crosses Over

This small, cute line of products grabbed my attention right away. As someone who gets to play with beauty products all day long, I was pleased to discover that someone in the beauty blogosphere took matters into their own hands. Beauty blogger, Elizabeth Dehn's collection of skin-perfecting products arose out of her experience trying everything on the market-both the good and the bad.

What resulted definitely falls under the good. The By Elizabeth Dehn collection contains three products: a cream, serum and face spray. Designed with all skin types in mind and made with only natural ingredients, the products work as great as they look in their clean, modern jars.

My favorite of the collection is the moisturizing, natural but pleasant smelling Shea Cream. The frosting-like consistency is irresistible and absorbs instantly into skin. It's so rich, only a tiny drop is needed to smooth and replenish your entire face. Besides minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, it naturally aids in healing acne, eczema, skin allergies, sunburn and chapped skin. Can your moisturizer do that?