Anti-Aging Food And Drinks Drive Market Growth

It's no surprise that anti-aging lotions and potions are popular sellers-we all want to look our best despite our ages-and it seems that anti-aging food and beverage products are also making their way onto that list. According to new market research from Leatherhead, the global anti-aging food and beverage industry accounted for $2.1 billion in 2010, marking a 24 percent increase since 2006. The report indicated while there is some variation in how products are marketed among U.S., Asian and European markets, consumers continue to show growing interest in food and drinks that promise to stave off the physical or mental signs of aging.

Products specifically targeting beauty are at the forefront of this growth. Ready-to-drink beverages such as bottled waters, teas and those touting the health benefits of natural ingredients like aloe vera are driving sales. Beverages promising some type of beauty claim accounted for a market value of nearly $1.55 billion, a 30 percent increase since 2006 and nearly three-fourths of the total anti-aging market value.