Which Side Of Your Body Is More Prone To Skin Cancer?

Summertime means road trips and joy rides. What's better than fresh air and sunshine on the open road? Just make sure you slather on the sunscreen.

New research reveals that Americans are more likely to develop skin cancer (like melanoma and merkel cell carcinoma) on the left sides of their bodies. Why? Well, according to the researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle, driving may be to blame since the left arm receives more exposure to UV rays.

The researchers discovered that when skin cancer developed on either side of the body, it was most often the left. These results were based on more than 84,000 recorded skin cancer cases. A different study conducted last year presented a correlation between a higher incidence of left-sided skin cancers and more time spent driving. While car windows block most UVB rays (which cause sunburns), if you're cruising with the windows down, sunscreen is essential.