Brush Up On An Easily Applied Liner

I don't think I could live without black eyeliner. Bold claim, but I find it to be a vital step in preparing to leave my house each morning. That being said, I've tried almost all black eyeliners worthy of trying-in pencil form that is. Liquid eyeliner looks great but with my artistic abilities, I have a hard enough time drawing a straight line on paper, let alone on my eyes.

But this morning I compromised. I had a few spare minutes and I gave Tarte's Amazonian Waterproof Liner a shot. While this eyeliner is not exactly a liquid (it's more of a gel), it still requires a brush to be applied. But have no fear, the brush comes with the pot of liner! The two-sided brush makes application of this liner absolutely flawless. It's so easy! With the thin, pointed side of the brush, you are in full control, not like most pesky liquid liners. And it really does stay put all day; it's perfect for summer. Black was an obvious choice for me but brown, bronze, indigo, plum and green are also options.