A New System For Stronger Hair

We're always hearing about how beauty is related to health. The same is true for our strands. Healthy hair looks better, right? However, so does styled hair-and we all know styling causes damage. In the constant war that is protecting hair vs. styling hair, Nioxin Systems has simple kits to help you battle breakage by consistently replenishing the hair and scalp with essential nutrients.

Recently reformulated, Nioxin Systems new three-part kits (cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner and scalp treatment) come in six different regimens that address thinning hair in different formula combinations so you can find hair care that feels tailor made for you. These various combinations all incorporate niacin to help stimulate the metabolism of hair follicles for healthy hair growth and also include ingredients ranging from amino acids and vitamins to botanicals and antioxidants to strengthen strands.

With all that that modern science, we expected our hair to look thicker and shinier. We didn't anticipate how strengthening the hair would make it so much easier to style. These denser, buildup-free strands kept the volume from a simple blow-drying for most of the day. Finally! The war is over. Now we can have styled hair that's also nourished and protected.

  • molly
    Posted on

    I've been using Nioxin shampoo and scalp therapy since 2000, and it was love at first wash. I heard it was being reformulated in 2011, so I stocked up. I just ran out and had to buy the reformulated one. I could cry... it's awful. I have scabs on my scalp, and my hair looks oily and feels greasy. Nioxin, please bring back the old formula.

  • Shari
    Posted on

    I started using Nioxin back in 2000, following a surgical procedure. As I found out, it is not uncommon for anesthesia to cause hair-thinning (this was what I was told). Besides the meds, I was under other stress as well (having surgery). I am presently 49 years of age and have been coloring my hair nearly 30 years - double process! Not only is my hair thick, curly (wavy or straight if I use a flat iron); but it is also waist-length. There is not a week that goes by that I don't receive a compliment on my hair, specifically how thick it is. Truthfully, since using Nioxin, there have been hair salons that double-up on the people that work to blow my hair out (two at once!). I LOVE this product. I use the shampoo and scalp therapy only. I have tried some of the other products, years ago; I wasn't too happy w/any of them. If you have thinning hair - USE THIS - don't stop. Yes, it is costly; but you don't need to wash everyday. I used to; now it is 2X/week - my hair looks lovely. I hope this helps you; thank you for reading!

  • Priscilla Collins, Boston
    Posted on

    If it made your hair dry then you had the wrong formula for your hair type. It is important to have your professional Hair Stylist recommend the correct product for you. As an expert Hair Colorist in Boston, Ma, I make sure every client leaves with the proper "at home" hair care products that are necessary to protect their color and help them recreate the Salon look I gave them at home. Taking care of your hair is like taking care of good clothes. You send the best things to the dry cleaner right? Quality hair products keep you locks young!

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    I used it and it made my hair so dry I had to stop using it.

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