Does Lipofilling Have Lingering Effects?

While so many in the medical field are examining the efficacy and safety of fat transfer in aesthetic procedures, a new study may be bringing us one step closer to answering one question: is fat transfer used in breast cancer reconstruction safe?

Early research published in the online in the Annals of Oncology says, “yes.” Lab testing in the past has indicated that fatty tissue has the potential to encourage cancer cell multiplication so lingering concerns over potential relapses in breast cancer have left breast reconstruction patients uncertain about fat transfer options. However, this new study, which compared women who had fat transfer, also known as lipofilling, after breast cancer surgery with women who had not done any lipofilling after breast cancer surgery. Almost two years after the lipofilling procedure, they found no significant difference in recurrence between the two groups of women.

The researchers say, “Lipofilling seems to be a safe procedure in breast cancer patients. Longer follow-up and further experiences from oncological series are urgently required to confirm these findings.”

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    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. I had a lumpectomy and radiation but I was not made aware that the treatment may cause problems with my breast implants. For the past decade I have been searching for a remedy for the disfiguration which occurred following treatment. I was so frustrated and so discouraged, though I was thankful to be cancer free. I am happy to report that I found a wonderful facility in Florida called Miami Breast Center. I have had the implants removed and just underwent a very minimally invasive procedure called Brava + AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer). Fat tissue was taken from my back and injected into my breasts. Already, they look fantastic and I am so thrilled. It seems to me that problems occur when “foreign bodies” are introduced to our systems. This “filler” was from my own body so to my way of thinking it would have to be accepted and processed by my system in a much healthier way than saline or silicone. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone wanting breast augmentation, needing reconstructive surgery after breast surgery, a breast lift or correction for any type of breast deformity. Miami Breast Center, under the direction of Dr. Roger Khouri, MD, FACS, seems to be leading the way in safe, effective procedures which don’t require the major surgery, side effects and painful recovery time of the past. JP

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